Please note all of our in person gaming tournaments are on hold for now.  We are running online gaming events.  Click here to learn more.  We will announce on social media when we are ready to host in person gaming tournaments again.   Stay tuned! 


Every Monday, bracket starts @ 7pm

(Come early for friendlies)

Entry is $10.00 (cash) or $10.50 (credit). 


2019 Standings


3 stock, 7 minutes for both Singles and Doubles

Handicap: Off

Team Attack: On

Smash Radar: Small

Damage Ratio: 1.0x

Items: Off and None

Pause: Off

Custom Balance: Off

Spirits: Off

Stage Hazards: Off

Default Miis


Stage List & Picks

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Best of 1) Winner Chooses Stage

RPS Winner Bans one, Loser Bans Two, Winner Picks from Two


Round 2 & 3

Winner Bans 2 Stages, Loser picks from remaining




Final Destination

Pokemon Stadium 2


Town & City



Yoshi's Story

Kalos Pokemon League

Every Wednesday, bracket starts @ 7pm

(Come early for friendlies)

Entry is $10.00 (cash) or $10.50 (credit). 


2019 Standings

Full setups are welcome including CRT TV's. 

For tournament rules and regulations, please visit


Mario Kat 8 Deluxe

First Friday of every month

Engines start @ 6pm

Entry is $10.00 (cash) or $10.50 (credit).

For tournament rules visit:

Beat Saber

Are you a Beat Saber Jedi Master? Come prove it at our monthly Beat Saber Tournament!

Date - 2nd Friday Every Month
Time - 7:00pm
Entry - $10 (Cash Prize)
Platform - PSVR
Structure - 1v1, Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination
Pre register for free here:


Matched players will use Rock, Paper, Scissors to choose the first track, alternating back and forth after the first song. A track may only be played once per match. Players can select any track from OST 1-3 and Extras.

Players may choose their own difficulty level, with the minimum level of Normal. The higher the difficulty, the more opportunity for a higher score. All player settings must be selected before officially starting a track, with the option to "practice" for 30 seconds to ensure settings like height are correct.

Unless there is a problem with the equipment, players may not pause a track. Tournament officials will be on hand to determine if the equipment is faulty. If the officials determine that there is a problem with the equipment, the player may restart their track. All rulings by tournament officials are final.

Obstacles and Bombs will be turned on. To ensure that every player gets to play their entire track, No Fail mode will be on as well.

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When: Last Friday of the month

Time: 7:00pm

Entry: $10.00

Back by popular demand, Fortnite Fridays have returned and much like the game itself, some things have changed, while other things remain the same.


First and foremost, Fortnite Fridays will now be a monthly event, occurring every last Friday of the month. Each tournament will begin at 7:00pm, but players may arrive early for warm ups. Entry is $10.


Our tournament format will be our standard Leaderboard structure, allowing the event to start and end on time. This also maximizes play time for players and gives everyone an even chance to take first place, right up to the very last minute of play.


- Scoring -

Our scoring system  is similar to that of our previous tournaments. Your placement for each drop is your score, -5 points per kill, and -5 points for a Victory Royale. The lower the score, the better.


- Structure -

Here is where Leaderboard format differs from our other tournaments. Once all players are entered into the roster, their names are shuffled and they're randomly called to sit down at a set up and perform a single drop. When their drop is over, the next available player is called to that set up to perform their own drop. After each drop, a player's score is recorded by a staff member and entered into our live leaderboard. Players will continue to perform drops in this order for the entire duration of the event. Therefore, depending on the amount of competitors, players may be able to continuously perform drops. ONLY A PLAYER'S BEST SCORE will be entered into the leaderboard, so a player's score on the leaderboard can only improve throughout the event.

Pokemon Social

The Galar region is a dangerous place, but you don't have to explore it alone! Meet up with fellow Pokemon Trainers the first and third Thursday of every month, from 4pm to 6pm, at our FREE Pokemon Socials! Trade rare and exclusive Pokemon, battle against other trainers, participate in raids, swap friends codes, and maybe win an Eevee plush in our dollar raffles!


These are casual Pokemon gatherings, so there will be no specific structure or schedule. Players may organize and participate in whatever activities they like and can arrive or leave whenever they want over the course of the two hour event. Whether you want to hang our for some raids, create an impromptu tournament, or just drop by for a few minutes to do some trading, we've got you covered.


While these socials will primarily focus on Pokemon Sword & Shield, feel free to bring any Pokemon games you like, including card games!